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Today's of coffee

Posted 1 October 2018

Today's of coffee

Let's pretend it's not Monday and think about the perfect start of the day...a warm cup of coffee. This survival juice doesn't only sponsor the good mood, coffee and friends are the perfect blend. You may wonder why we write about coffee, being an excellent compagnon during the day aside, today we...

Monaco Yacht Show 2018

Posted 24 September 

Monaco Yacht Show

In the iconic Port Hercules of Monaco, the Monaco Yacht Show represents from 26 to 29 September the pinnacle of luxury. Extraordinary super yachts, respected shipyards and world premieres culminate at this international yachting event. The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the premiere luxury events worldwide.


A Flair of Yacht Show on the River Thames

Posted 15 July

A Flair of Yacht Show on the River Thames

Since last week London's main landmark shines in a new light and leaves passers-by with plain astonishment. Right in front of the Tower Bridge two brand new Mega Yachts have positioned themselves for an Abeking & Rasmussen Rendezvous. 

The first unexpected appearance at the Tower Bridge...

Better Environment Better Tomorrow

Posted 5 June 2018

Better environment, better tomorrow

Today it is Environment Day. This day aims to raise awareness of the importance of respecting and doing your bit for the environment. Of course, environmental care deserves a 365 days a year approach, though this day puts the environment a bit extra in the spotlight. This year the main theme is Beating...

Mother's Day

Posted 11 May

Mother's Day

This Sunday the 13th of May it's Mother's Day. While dates and celebrations might differ, traditionally Mother's Day involves many flowers, greeting cards, chocolat, perfume and other gifts to honor motherhood. 

Did you know that approx. 122 million phone calls are made every Mother's day? Mother's Day has more phone...

Megayacht ELANDESS 74m launched

Posted 9 May 

Abeking & Rasmussen launches 74m masterpiece

The brand new 74m megayacht ELANDESS emerged majestically today from Abeking & Rasmussen's construction shed in Lemwerder.

Several tow tractors carefully pulled the 2,065 GT new build out of her shed and onto the syncrolift before she was finally lowered into the water for the...

Multi vs Mono

Posted 3 May 

Catamarans in the Spring air

Some say Spring is in the air, we say yachting is in the air. Spring is the season when everything bursts back into life in an explosian of sight, sound and color. What better invitation to get out and explore? Take sailing catamaran "Houbara", in the picture surrounded by flowers.

But what's the deal...

Your weekend escape to St. Tropez

Posted 16 April

Your Weekend Escape to St. Tropez

Imagine... sunshine, superyachts, sun, wind through your hair, cruising along the beautiful coast of the Côte d'Azur, relaxing at sun-kissed beaches and lounging in beach clubs zipping on a cocktail watching the sunset. Together with family, friends or your loved-one.

If you have the...

The horrorrrrrr!

Posted 13 April

The horrorrrr!

Today it's Friday the 13th. Some of us will consider this day best dealed with by staying in bed, fearing what this day has planned for us. Better safe than sorry. But why is Friday the 13th considered to be one of the unluckiest days of the year? 

From walking under ladders, spotting black cats and finding a...

How low can you go?

Posted 11 April

Submarine Day

Did you know that today it's Submarine Day? The atmosphere around submarines has always remained mysterious and relative secret. Submarines have played and play an important role in our lives. For the Navy and Marine purposes, underwater sea life science, polar expeditions, military purposes, oil and gas inspections and for...

Top 5 Motor Yachts under € 500k...

Posted 10 April 

Top 5 Motor Yachts under € 500k

It's Spring! The time to make plans and start projects. And in order to get you started wandering and wondering, here is some inspiration. A selection of motor yachts ready to hop on board and cruise away.  

Italian Allure: Apreamare Smeraldo € 350.000


Eylem's hashtag #rebelsplayhard

Posted 9 April

Our hashtag #rebelsplayhard

You've already seen it passing by... our hashtag #rebelsplayhard. On our Instagram account @eylemyachting, our brochures, our blog... it's our own hashtag. It describes not only the company's spirit, but also our playful team drive. And now you're wondering why it's called #rebelsplayhard. Arewerite?


Happy Easter!

Posted 29 March

Happy Easter: 5 things to do during Easter

If we think about Easter, some of us may think immediately of the more modern approach....eggs, chocolate, bunnies and brunch. But why do we have Easter eggs? They say that in the old days eating eggs was prohibited the week before Easter. During this Holy Week, the eggs that were laid were saved and...

We organize an EASTER GAME this weekend

Posted 27 March

We organize an EASTER GAME!

During Easter weekend from the 30th of March to the 2nd of April, the Easter Bunny will hide a virtual golden egg at our website. It can be anywhere....Not including this item about the game, of course. 

If you find the golden egg, what do you do? You send us an email with the...

Superyacht AVIVA, tennis court included

Posted 26 March 

Meet superyacht AVIVA

AVIVA is a 98m stunning superyacht and so far not only the largest ship built by Abeking & Rasmussen, but also one of the most exceptional. AVIVA won the BOAT International Design & Innovation Award for "Best Lifestyle Feature Design" in January 2018. This award is the cherry on top of high...

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