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Spring is there!

Posted 19 March

Tomorrow the 20th of March, Spring will be knocking on your door!!!

Well... if the weather will be accordingly, we'll have to see. But one thing is for sure, the astronomical Spring starts tomorrow. Days get longer and warmer (we hope ;-), flowers will start to bloom, baby animals are born... and so on. Let's get your spirit spring-ready and...


Posted 13 March


As many of you already know by now, YACHTVALLEY is Eylem's newsletter. But for the new ones among us, welcome and let's get you acquainted a bit more with the "Valley of the Yachts". Not dolls!

On a monthly basis and and in case we cannot resist, we issue an edition of Eylem's YACHTVALLEY. This is...


Posted 12 March

Spotted! The Amur Leopard

Only 35 left in the wild! The Amur Leopard is the rarest big cat on earth in the wild and is critically endangered, with only 35 living in the wild and the number is still falling. The Amur Leopard is the northernmost of the leopard species and lives throughout northeastern China, Russia and Korean...

International Women's Day

Posted 8 March 

International Women's Day (8 March)

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating and commemorating the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of women. International Women's Day is about celebrating mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, fiancees - all women - and showing them how much we appreciate, respect, love...

Unveiling the new 115 meter TUHURA

Posted 5 March 

Unveiling TUHURA, a 115 meter megayacht design 

Last week during Dubai International Boat show, Oceanco's latest project in collaboration with Lobanov Design studio and others was released: TUHURA. A unique project, a throwback that extends thousands of years farther into the past than any other yacht. 

The exterior...

What's with the flamingo?

Posted 2 March 

What's with the flamingo?

The winter is living it up and makes us wonder what it did to the Spring. Temperatures may get less cold, but snow has taken over. That's why we decided to help the Spring a little bit. Small gesture, big result. We hope... 

We released one of the flamingos originated in the Caribbean in...

Meet our arctic ambassadors

Posted 26 February 

Polar Bear Day 

Tomorrow it's the 27th of February, also known as Polar Bear Day. This day celebrates one of nature's most impressive hunters. Fully grown polar bears can span an enormous 10 feet when standing on their legs. 

Did you know these five fun facts about polar bears?

1. Polar bears are found in the...

An overview of business events with a twist of yachting

Posted 22 February 

An overview of business events with a twist of yachting

From events such as Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival to coporate events such as the MIPIM and the MIPCOM, stunning luxury yachts are the best place to be seen on during these prestigious events. 

If you're looking for a place to host a conference or...

We chased away the winter

Posted 19 February 

We chased away the winter!

This weekend we lit the torches in Luxembourg. Why? To chase away the winter. Traditionally on the first Sunday after Carnaval, thousends of people across the Grand Duchy attend this traditional event called Buergbrennen. At many locations across the Grand Duchy 'buergen' has been built on hill tops made of...

Happy Chinese New Year

Posted 17 February

Happy Chinese New Year 2018

This year Chinese New Year falls on the 16th of February. This is also known as the Spring Festival in Modern China and begins on February the 16th and ends on March 2nd on which day the Lantern Festival is held. It's one of the world's most colorful events. 

The global celebrations are an...

A perfect Valentine gift

Posted 13 February

A perfect Valentine Gift

Tomorrow it's the 14th of February, also known as Valentine's Day. For all those who don't have any ideas yet what to do, organize or give... we have a wonderful idea.

What is more romantic and stylish than giving a true Gentleman's yacht for Valentine. 71 meters of pure romance ready to be customized and...


Posted 12 February 2018


It's still winter, the coldest season in the year. Here in Luxembourg we're covered in snow for almost a week already. And it has been cold!!! So cold, even our mascotte asked for some earmuffs. But can you blame him, with those big ears? Eventhough our thoughts these days often drift off to some sunny resorts and...

In a summer state of mind

Posted 7 February 

All you need is a good dose of vitamin SEA

When Christmas is over many people start looking forward to sunshine. Sunshine makes you happier and something we really long for after the snow, cold rain and wind. We're now in February, meaning that the winter will come to an end soon and spring and summer are literally around the...

Sled Dog Day

Posted 2 February 2018

Sled Dog Day

Today it is Sled Dog Day which recognizes the heroism of 20 men and 150 dogs who raced to save the town of Nome, Alaska from an epidemic. 

In 1925 children of the town of Nome became ill due to the lethal and very contagious illness of diphteria. It is curable, but only with treatment and the closest supply of...

Hosting your business event on a yacht

Posted 1 February 2018

Corporate Yacht Charter 

A corporate yacht charter is the perfect platform to impress clients and reward and inspire staff. We have yachts for every occasion: team building, inviting clients, formal business meetings, the launch of a new product or service, anniversaries and all kind of other events throughout the year. 


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