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We love to share. That’s why we give you a glimpse into our world of wonder. Find out about fun, friends and foxy nights out. Sharing photos and other cool material. Stay tuned for inspiration, a good laugh, crazy ideas, amazing art and unbelievable stories. Curious?

An ode to all women!

March 8 is a day devoted to women. International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.
Whether you choose to make a point, challenge themes, influence thoughts or just want to celebrate. There’s enough space for everybody to live up to their believes and credentials. We chose for a great night out!!! ;-)

Launch of new fragrance Velvet Cypress

Dolce & Gabbana extends the Velvet Collection with a new perfume Velvet Cypress, expected to be launched in March. The new scent is inspired by the Mediterranean landscape. Velvet Cypress is an elegant, woody and fresh Citrus fragrance, built around a heart of Cypress. The scent contains notes of lemon, sage, bergamot and especially the dryness of the cedar is an homage to the late-summer...

Lykan Hypersport US$ 3.4 million

Need for speed? This supercar, being the first supercar produced in the Middle-East will unleash your inner Formula 1 driver. With 780hp from 0 – 100 km/h in 2.8 sec and with a maximum speed of up to 395 km/h, there’s a reason why this supercar was featuring in the movie “Furious 7”. Because appearance does matter, W Motors equipped the luxurious car with numerous...

It’s there!!!!!! Louboutin’s Spring/ Summer collection 2017

Even though the winter is still holding back the sun every now and then, the spring/ summer collection of Christian Louboutin will surely release the spring! With inspiring colors the tone has been set for a spectacular season to come.

Imagine wearing Louboutin’s Madame Menodo together with a beautiful dress to one of spring’s first garden cocktail parties. In addition to...

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